Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tired of being called a dork and nerd? Want you give yourself a fashionable and trendy look? Do you want to make a style statement with your glasses? Ido Glasses bring for you high quality trendy tortoise shell glasses that can help you get a classy and chic look. Wearing spectacles was never as classy. We offer you a variety of shapes and shades that can help you speak your style with class. Make your routine dress stand out with this funky patterned glasses and get for yourself  a pattern is timeless that will work with everything you got in your wardrobe.

  • Kristiina Laanepõld    (2014-09-30)    
  • These style of glasses make me feel young again. They fit really comfortable around the bridge of your nose and provide great protection from bright light. I do not know how they could be retailed for such a low price but I love it!
  • Jim Carr    (2014-09-30)    
  • These large, circle framed glasses are so cute! They make me feel like a fashion model every time I wear them. They fit really comfortable and are a great value for the money!